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The Funky Easel: Sip & Paint Events

The Funky Easel Sip & Paint Nights provide a unique blend of creativity, relaxation, and socializing, offering a perfect escape from the daily routine. Picture an evening filled with laughter, vibrant colours, and the clinking of glasses as you and your friends come together not only to catch up but to create something beautiful collectively. Guided by a professional artist, even those inexperienced with a paintbrush will discover the joy of painting. This experience aims to cultivate connections, not only among friends but also with one's creative spirit.

Whether it's at home, a cozy spot in your favorite bar, or a special setup at your workplace, The Funky Easel brings the party to you. Just bring your preferred drink, some light snacks, and the great company of your friends. We handle the rest, supplying all the necessary materials, from canvases and paints to brushes, ensuring a hassle-free experience for all. Our events are designed to be inclusive and laid-back, guaranteeing a memorable night for groups of any size, whether for a corporate function, a Hen party, Special Birthday or a casual get-together.

To book your Funky Easel Paint and Sip party, simply get in touch with us, offering a versatile option for different events. Dive into a realm of creativity, fun, and calmness. Allow us to help you organize a memorable get-together. Reach out to explore how we can bring vibrancy and happiness to your upcoming occasion.


"Art Washes Away From The Soul The Dust Of Everyday Life"

- Pablo Picasso

Which Funky Easel Sip & Paint Party Is The One For You?

Host a Unique Funky Easel Paint Party in Your Own Home!
Consider hosting a Funky Easel Sip and Paint Party at your place for a fun evening with friends.

Based near the  Suffolk / Essex boarder, we are willing to travel for private house parties.

Skilled teachers and all art supplies will come to you, guiding you through the painting process step by step.

Choose your painting, bring snacks and drinks, and enjoy a creative painting party at home.

House parties can accommodate 6 or more people of any age group, making it perfect for various occasions.

Various painting ideas available, or suggest your own for a personalized experience.

House parties typically last 2-3 hours, with setup done 45-30 minutes in advance to ensure a smooth event.

Corporate Creative Offerings for Team Building, Relaxation and Socialising

The Funky Easel Sip & Paint offers a unique team-building activity or a break from routine.

Customized events can be hosted at different venues, including offices, with various painting options available.

Classes cater to beginners and experienced painters, fostering collaboration and relaxation.

Event duration varies based on painting size, breaks, and socializing, typically lasting 2-3 hours.

Unforgettable Hen Do with The Funky Easel Sip & Paint

A unique and exciting way to celebrate your Hen Do, suitable for all abilities.

Step-by-step painting session with no experience required, allowing everyone to create their masterpiece.

Perfect for team building and creativity, with the option to enjoy drinks while painting.

Participants get to take home their artwork as a personalized souvenir of the celebration.

Various options available, including venue or home setups, with classes lasting 2-3 hours.

Pre-Organized In-Venue Events with The Funky Easel Sip & Paint

Equipped venues with easels and painting supplies, guided by skilled instructors for creating art.

All art materials included, just purchase drinks and food for an enjoyable evening.

Take home your masterpiece and enjoy a fun and creative experience.

To see what coming up and for booking go to the link below 


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